Saturday, February 5, 2011

LIFE: With Speed


Speed :: Life :: No Where


Slowly I'm fading
My thoughts escape my mental
without a care for my ending.


Aristo Dos Santos
CuPid Poetry

“For Those You Love and Adore”

In life sometimes we rush, to nowhere of course. Stubborn, we choose to follow different paths away from a destined course, zooming past needed opportunities guided by desires of wanted lusts instigated by stupidity. Time runs along with us, making us late every single second as she always arrives on time. We excuse ourselves with stereotypical remarks hoping to ease disappointment upon us, but in reality just bringing ourselves down as a race or group we belonged to. Running over our child hood dreams we crash into reality awakening us as individuals lacking sense.

"When you can, please try to keep your head up in life" – Aristo Dos Santos

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