Friday, February 11, 2011

Life: Abortion



Dedicated to someone close to me...

Only you can decide.


Nervous we hold our breath
While pressing life against death.

Emotions run,

Lovers. Coming together
Discovering changes later.

Choices to be made,

Out of love time chases late
Denial, discoveries of self hate.

Turning tables going round
Guilty with no one around.

Is a hate full sound
Thought twice before we mention.

Aristo Dos Santos
CuPid Poetry
“For Those You Love and Adore”

Writer's Message,

I'm not the one to point fingers, one's decision is their own. If a woman decides to either abort or keep their seed all I can do is support them no matter what. A hug or a shoulder if needed. So keep strong and let no one judge you for we all have a reason. But I ask you to stand firm behind your choice, make your peace with it, and discover the rest of your life with no regrets.

"All in all, God bless. Because he still loves you" - Aristo Dos Santos

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