Friday, June 24, 2011



"I first discovered forever when I watched it end, alone"

I will shower you in silver and gold
Or whatever much for, our love was sold.

I plead you, I'm asking you to stay 
There is no need for us to part so far away.

Please baby, please stay.

I will seek help, I swear I will
Even if I have to go out of my way and kill.

Just let me hold you once more
And you will feel that my heart is sore.

Please baby, please don't head towards the door.

I take full responsibility, blame me 
I just need one more chance and you will finally see,

"That we were meant to be"

Aristo Dos Santos
CuPid Poetry
“For Those You Love and Adore”  

***Read it again Listening to the song "You Lost Me" By: Christina Aguilera***

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