Monday, March 28, 2011



"No one can ever tell your story better then you can"

I believe
I believe in dreams, I believe in me
I believe that world peace is death,
As I fill my lungs with my last breath.
I believe my love has no limit
Even though cut short from those
that can't please it.
I believe in struggles
Trying to stay alive when cursed
Surviving free from war,
hunger and things we detest.
I believe in you and I.  Friends, lovers
 and strangers living without fight
I believe in darkness, the abyss
The opposite of light, and the life
 we wished we lived.
I believe that I will die
Without breath, with no heart beat
Free from the earthly hell so please don't cry.
I believe that you will hate me at a point
Your love for me will vanish, and your
heart stained by black paint.

I believe in these words
For they come from my heart, so they are my own
Once I was young, But now I believe that I am grown.

Aristo Dos Santos
CuPid Poetry
“For Those You Love and Adore”

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