Wednesday, July 13, 2011


In loving memory of my Goddaughter Nehmoi Martina Ivey Crichlow

         "I lost my GodDaughter, I wish God could 
                                 bring her back. Cut my life in half if he must"

If I could, I would
Have you here. 

Watch you smile 
Just like I should.

- My Angel -

I miss you daily &
I do cry mainly.


No, don't you cry. 
I miss you so much.


"Rest In Peace Nehmoi"

Aristo Dos Santos
CuPid Poetry
“For Those You Love and Adore” 

I dedicate this post to my Goddaughter Nehmoi. Never Did I get the chance to hold you in my arms, share with you a smile. Please forgive me for covering you up, I was just trying to secure your safety in God's hand. I miss you more with time, I imagine how big you would be right now. I'm crying as I speak, please, don't you cry along with me. I have made my peace with God. In my heart is where I hold you mine and I look forward in meeting you someday in time. 

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